Applications for September 2024 are now open. Our Open Evening is taking place on Thursday 12 October, and our Online Open Evening is taking place on Thursday 2 November - see the Events page for more details. (29 September 2023)

Super Curriculum

Due to our partnership with Imperial College London and links with leading organisations in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) industries, Imperial College London Mathematics School offers a wide selection of opportunities to expand students' horizons and allow you to experience and explore mathematics and sciences and their applications in the world beyond the A Level curriculum.
We call this our 'super curriculum'. You will also develop your transferable skills, such as your presentation, research and teamworking skills, through project-based work. There will be multiple opportunities to create connections with professionals working in universities and industry.

Our super curriculum is likely to include:

  • Guest lectures from Imperial College London academics
  • Problem-solving classes with support from Imperial College London students that are challenging and help you to prepare for university entrance examinations
  • An independent research project in an area of your choice, supported by a mentor from Imperial College London or industry. This could be in, for example engineering, or economics, artificial intelligence, pure mathematics or many other areas
  • Masterclasses that extend beyond the traditional curriculum, supported by Imperial College London, in diverse areas such as: coding, engineering, astrophysics, logic and set theory, and philosophy of mathematics.