Applications for September 2024 are now closed. Applicants can access their profile here.  (Updated: 07/11/23)

Super Curriculum

Due to our partnership with Imperial College London and links with leading organisations in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) industries, Imperial College London Mathematics School offers a wide selection of opportunities to expand students' horizons and allow you to experience and explore mathematics and sciences and their applications in the world beyond the A Level curriculum.
We call this our 'super curriculum'. You will also develop your transferable skills, such as your presentation, research and teamworking skills, through project-based work. There will be multiple opportunities to create connections with professionals working in universities and industry.

Our super curriculum is likely to include:

  • Guest lectures from Imperial College London academics
  • Problem-solving classes with support from Imperial College London students that are challenging and help you to prepare for university entrance examinations
  • An independent research project in an area of your choice, supported by a mentor from Imperial College London or industry. This could be in, for example engineering, or economics, artificial intelligence, pure mathematics or many other areas
  • Masterclasses that extend beyond the traditional curriculum, supported by Imperial College London, in diverse areas such as: coding, engineering, astrophysics, logic and set theory, and philosophy of mathematics.