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Pastoral and Extra Curriculum

Imperial College London Mathematics School aims to deliver a supportive, enriching and comprehensive pastoral curriculum that equips you with skills to manage the demands of further study, employment and adulthood.
Personal Development
All students have a one hour Personal Development session with their tutor each week. In these sessions, students will explore a range of topics in the areas of wellbeing, citizenship, and futures. These sessions will include student debates, presentations, research tasks, and reflective tasks. A complete list of objectives for these sessions can be found in our Personal Development Specification, with further information in our Personal Development policy 2023-24.
Our Personal Development Lead is Tim Grundy, our deputy headteacher. 
One-to-one support 
All students can expect a one-to-one meeting with their personal tutor every half term. These will be an opportunity for reflection with a trusted adult, and will also give students an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that they have, either academically or personally. 
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) 
ICLMS views effective and inclusive RSE as a key part of preparing our students for adult life. It is vital that young people fully understand concepts such as consent and healthy relationships, and that they are able to make choices to keep themselves healthy and safe. Our RSE will be delivered through a combination of class discussions and visiting experts, who are able to provide our students with detailed and reliable information. Parents will be kept informed of our plans in this area, and we welcome open and honest discussion with our parent community about our plans.
ICLMS is committed to ensuring that all students receive effective information, advice, and guidance about their future study and career options, in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.
Students can expect a range of support in this area, including
  • talks and assemblies from employers, universities, and other study providers,
  • access to study and careers information from online resources such as Unifrog,
  • opportunities to complete work placements,
  • individual support from careers advisors.
More detail on our futures provision can be found in our Futures policy 2023-24.
Our Careers Lead is Tim Grundy, our deputy headteacher. 
Extra-curricular activities 
ICLMS is keen to work with our partners at Woodhouse College to provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities for students, including opportunities for sport, music and drama, and much more. We also encourage students to begin their own clubs and societies, and look forward to a broad range of student-led initiatives.