Applications for September 2024 are now closed. Applicants can access their profile here.  (Updated: 07/11/23)

ICLMS Mentoring Project

What is Imperial College London Mathematics School?
ICLMS is a new, state-funded sixth form in collaboration with Imperial College London, opening in September 2023. The aims of the school are to increase the pipeline of skilled mathematicians into degrees at high-tariff universities, widen participation in the mathematical sciences, and ensure that its graduates are well prepared for university study and beyond.
This project is part of a programme, supported by experts in their fields, to enrich the studies of ICLMS students beyond the A level curriculum. 
What would the project involve? 
We are looking for mentors either working in business or industry, or academic mentors at PhD level and above to work with a small group of Year 12 (16/17 year old) students on a research project.
  • This would involve setting an interesting project on a topic of your choice in your area of expertise for students to research
  • We are looking for a broad range of topics for projects but each should involve some application or use of mathematics
  • Mentors will provide guidance, mathematical support and sources in online meetings and via email
  • Students will produce a poster and report on their topic, and mentors will provide feedback on draft copies
  • Students will give a 10 minute presentation at Imperial College London at the end of the project
  • We expect that this will be a 10-15 hour voluntary commitment between September 2023 and March 2024.
Some example topics are Birdsong Recognition with Machine Learning, Algorithmic Bias and Unfairness, the Riemann Hypothesis, Healthcare Robotics, Football Statistics, Special Relativity and Infectious Disease Modelling, but we are open to any topic with a mathematical aspect that can be studied at a level appropriate for high achieving early A level students.
May I see examples of potential mentors?
Mentors come from a variety of disciplines and levels of academia, with all selected individuals teaching or conducting research at Imperial.
You can browse case studies featuring a selection of potential mentors. 
I'm interested... What next?
This is a great opportunity to support young people interested in the mathematical sciences. If you or anyone in your department is interested in being involved, you can express your interest by completing this short form.
If you have any questions, or are interested in being involved in this, or any other ICLMS outreach activities, please contact the headteacher of the school David Lee ( copying in Savannah Hersov (Imperial Outreach Team -