All applicants for September 2024 will have received an email about the status of their application. Applicants can access their profile here.  (Updated: 05/04/24)

Imperial College London Maths School, North London opening in September 2023
(6 October 2022)

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22 August 2022
The partnership between Imperial College London, Woodhouse College and the Department for Education will focus on attracting applications from groups that are under-represented in STEM careers.
Students at our school will get the chance to be mentored by some of the world’s leading mathematicians and other academics, as well as current Imperial College London students.
We will be based next to Woodhouse College in Barnet, North London. In our first year we’ll be located in high spec, temporary classrooms and we then expect to move into our brand-new, permanent building on the same site, with the latest educational technology and laboratories, at the start of our second academic year. Our September 2023 cohort of students will get the opportunity to help design the permanent building - for instance by helping name rooms.
All our students will study A Level Maths and Further Maths, and the school will also offer Physics and Chemistry, with all students studying at least one of these subjects. We also offer an additional programme at Woodhouse College to give students the opportunity to broaden their curriculum experience.
We plan to run an extensive outreach programme to support our teachers and students and give them access to mathematics and science, particularly supporting young people in the local area who are currently under-represented in STEM subjects at universities and in industry. This includes female students and certain ethnic and social groups.
If you’re an aspiring mathematician, scientist or engineer aged 16 to 19, who is dedicated, curious and enthusiastic about these subjects, you should consider applying to our school.
Our curriculum is highly academic, so applicants should be likely to achieve a grade 8 or 9 in GCSE mathematics and be prepared to be selected based on an admissions test and interview.
We will have up to 40 places available for September 2023 and this number will increase year on year, until approximately 100 students are admitted in each year group.
Applications are welcome from 6 October to 23 November. Apply.
A Level Further Maths is excellent preparation for those aiming to be challenged by the mathematical demands of STEM subjects at undergraduate level at university.
Following university study, mathematics graduates enter a variety of fields of work. Mathematics qualifications demonstrate skills valuable to employer including numeracy, mastering intellectually difficult material, organisation and self-motivation – and of course the ability to solve complex problems.
Top jobs for Mathematics graduates include careers in Finance, IT and Telecommunications, and Accounting. And the skill sets you learn whilst studying mathematics are valued by employers across an ever more diverse range of fields - data science, media, sports, and transportation companies are all increasingly popular choices for maths graduates.
Our Headteacher, David Lee, said: "Not only do we want to contribute to a diverse, thriving STEM sector, but we also want to create an environment where young people are inspired and amazed by mathematics every day. Our school will be a place where young people from north London and beyond can excel academically, but also develop the skills need to succeed in their careers and live happy, fulfilled lives.”
Sugra Alibhai, Headteacher of Woodhouse College, said: "Young people need their sixth form options to offer two things – quality and choice. The demand for maths skills far outstrips the number of generalist and maths schools available across different regions of the UK. By offering a standalone maths school in the heart of north London, and with courses available from Woodhouse, we hope to tackle this challenge head on."

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