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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Imperial College London Mathematics School, a place where mathematics is at the heart of everything we do. Do you love challenging mathematical problems? Are you fascinated by the endless possibilities of studying mathematics? If so, ICLMS may be the sixth form for you.
At ICLMS you will be immersed in an environment of mathematics from day one. All students will study Maths and Further Maths A Level, and at least one of Physics and Chemistry A Level with dedicated, specialist teachers. But that is not all. We have a programme of mathematical enrichment that will take you beyond this, and will allow you to explore advanced ideas, and connect with people working in mathematics. We have a challenging and rigorous university preparation course. We do mathematics because we enjoy it.
We are based next to Woodhouse College in Barnet, North London, which means that students also have the option of studying a fourth A Level of their choice from a wide variety of those available at Woodhouse. If you’re a mathematician, but you love art, then our unique partnership can make this happen.
Not only are we passionate in sharing our love of mathematics for its own sake, but a core part of our mission is to improve access to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers for students who are traditionally underrepresented at university and in these industries. Our partnership with Imperial College London and other partners in STEM industries means you will have unparalleled (pun intended) access to opportunities. Mathematics is not immune from the issues of equality and diversity in society, and we take very seriously our responsibility to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed in mathematics and STEM. We are not just looking for the best mathematicians. We are looking for young people with enthusiasm for the subject, as they will benefit the most from our specialist provision.
Mathematics is hard. I find it hard. But I love the challenge. And if you don’t find it hard, you should seek out more of these challenges! We are looking for young people with dedication and commitment, and we expect hard work. But we are also a small, close-knit, compassionate community. At ICLMS you will be surrounded by lots of people who have been successful in mathematics but we value challenge, curiosity and the willingness to get things wrong. We are swimming in mathematics together, and we are there to help each other. We care about your academic success, but also your social, emotional and physical health. Our aim is to ensure students succeed in all aspects of their lives, and no student is left behind.
If you are interested in joining us on that journey, you can find out more about how to apply or find out about our outreach activities for Year 7 to 11 students.
It is a privilege to be the headteacher of ICLMS. Young people constantly inspire and surprise me with their enthusiasm, creativity and resilience. Join us to build the future of mathematics and STEM.
Yours mathematically,
David Lee
Imperial College London Mathematics School
David has a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford, a master's degree in Mathematics from the Open University, and a master's degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Warwick.