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(22 August 2022)

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The Summer Term and Beyond
The summer term has been going well, with plenty of work to keep our students busy. Take a look at what’s going on at ICLMS this term, and what things will look like until the end ...
7 June 2024
A look at 2024 so far
The spring term has come to a close, and now it’s time to look back on term; both the achievements of our students, and the opportunities they have participated in.
4 April 2024
World Book Day 2023
ICLMS Outreach Coordinator Max discusses World Book Day 2023 and highlights some of our favourite books in mathematics and science.
3 March 2023
Headteachers Blog 3: Happy Holidays
As 2023 draws to a close, I’d like to reflect on everything that has happened this year in preparing to open for our first set of students in September 2023.
16 December 2022
Headteachers Blog 2: The application process
Some details about the application process to help you prepare.
21 November 2022
Headteachers Blog 1: Thank you for attending our Open Evening
It was an absolute pleasure to welcome young people and their families to our first set of Open Evenings, both online and in person.
8 November 2022
Imperial College London Maths School, North London opening in September 2023
We are delighted to announce that our specialist school for sixth form students will be opening in September 2023
6 October 2022
Welcome to our newly launched website!
You are currently browsing the section of the site which will host our future news articles, so please do regularly check for further updates.
We will soon be inviting applications from prospective students, consulting our local community about the launch of the school, and of course recruiting enthusiastic colleagues to deliver our teaching and pastoral support.
Throughout these moments, and right up until the first day of term in September 2023, we want you to feel informed and involved in the development of the school.
Alongside the news section of this site, there are several other methods for keeping in touch with us.
You may choose to:
If you prefer, you may email us regarding the following topics:
If you are considering joining our community as a student or member of staff, or perhaps you are a parent, local resident, or school teacher, you will also likely have many questions about our school. Therefore, we have collated frequently asked questions. As the school nears completion and our very first academic year begins, these questions and answers will continue to be updated.
You may also be interested to read our Headteacher's welcome message
And finally, we hope to see you in person before we open our doors in September 2023! As part of our student application process and local consultation responsibilities we will be visiting numerous schools and communities to demonstrate just how much we love maths and want others to follow it as a study and career pathway.

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