All applicants for September 2024 will have received an email about the status of their application. Applicants can access their profile here.  (Updated: 05/04/24)


Imperial College London Mathematics School provides a challenging, academic curriculum. We therefore run a rigorous admissions process to ensure that we have students that are best suited to the education we provide, and we hope will benefit most from our provision.
The ICLMS application process also reflects our aim to ensure that a diverse group of young people, including those currently underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers, can achieve success in mathematics and science. We welcome and encourage applications from young people from all backgrounds.
How do I apply? 
Applications for September 2024 (current Year 11 students) are now closed. If you have applied you can access our admissions portal here.
Please register your interest to keep yourself updated about 2025 admissions.
Admissions arrangements for September 2024 entry
The information below relates to admissions for September 2024 entry (current Year 11 students). The admissions process for 2025 will be published in or before September 2024.
When do applications close?
  • Our Early Bird deadline is midnight on 13 November 2023 (so has now passed).
  • The final date for applications is midnight on 4 December 2023 (so has now passed).

If you apply by our Early Bird deadline, you will be considered for our admissions test preparation workshops. These will take place in the evening on 28 and 30 November.

There will be approximately 50 places available. As part of our aim to increase diversity in mathematics and science, and ensure that students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to succeed, we will consider the details of the applications when allocating places on our admissions test preparation workshops, and it may not be possible to offer a place to all of the applicants who meet the Early Bird deadline.
What is the application process?
 On completion of the application form, the process is as follows: 
  • Applicants who meet a minimum threshold are invited to sit the ICLMS admissions test on 17 December 2023
  • Applicants who meet a minimum threshold from the combination of their application and admissions test are invited to an interview in January or February 2024
  • Offers are made in March 2024. You will be required to achieve certain results in your GCSE examinations which will be outlined in your offer*
  • Summer 2024 – all offer holders are invited to our Summer Series of offer holder events
  • August 2024 – students who meet the conditions of their offer enrol
  • September 2024 – term 1 starts.
 What do I have to do on the application form?
The application form includes:
  • Personal details, parental contact details and educational history
  • A nominated referee from your current school
  • A personal statement explaining why you have chosen to apply to our school. There are some prompt questions on the application form to help you. Please don't worry about your personal statement. It is our chance to get to know about you, and learn more about you. You can save your application and return to it, so you might want to consider drafting your personal statement on a separate document first. It should be about 400 words in length.
What does a test and interview involve?
Our admissions test and interview are designed to test your mathematical thinking, rather than just the depth of your knowledge. It will only cover GCSE Mathematics content. The full content can be found on the specification. We understand this process can be daunting, so we have produced a specimen paper in advance to help you prepare. You can find these below. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the specimen paper before the admissions test.
We have teamed up with Cambridge Maths School to provide a second specimen paper so you can prepare for our admissions test. The Cambridge Maths School admissions test follows the same content and structure as the ICLMS admissions test, but please note that the eventual admissions test will be not the same paper. Please find these below:
Our admissions test for September 2024 entry will take place on 17 December 2023.
Admissions arrangements for September 2025 entry
Admissions arrangements for September 2025 (current Year 10 students) will be published here in or before September 2024.
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If you have any questions about your application, or the application process, please email
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Further information is available by browsing our FAQs.
The full admissions and appeals policy for September 2024 entry is available here.
*If you are sitting alternative qualifications to GCSEs, please continue with your application, but contact us by emailing